Saturday, 11 October 2014


St Kilda East, Hewitts, School, Mine, Gosfield, Flat Rock, Alfred, Nicholas, St Kilda East:
Riding up a little dead end road in the middle of no where (Alfred Pl), my breath coming hard, my legs struggling to deal with the ever increasing gradient, I thought of an equation that seemed apt. If you see more wildlife on a ride than you do humans, it's a good ride. Today's was a good ride.

My arse, Stephen's photo.

Jim and I took the route from last week, and applied the theory of "if some is good, more is better", by adding a couple more climbs, and a couple more riders. We hit most hills hard, and cruised the flatter bits in between while shooting the shit. Once again, I giggled when both my front and back wheels drifted a few inches through the gravel at the turn into School Rd. A different giggle returned just before the right hand turn a km or two later, the one that hid a wall of bitumen that I was sure Stephen hadn't met before.

Last week I spent a bunch of time playing with Jason on hills, half wheeling all the way to his limit. This week I tried to just do my own thing, and give each effort an honest go, before circling back to whomever was coming up slowest.

It wasn't just the ups that I was pushed on, Rich Read was dominating all the descents, and forcing me to employ every aerodynamic trick in my book to even get a sniff of a roll off result. Pedals flat, head dropped between the shoulders, heck I even had my sunnies on to clear up the flow around my eye sockets.

Strava link.

D: 143.9km
A: 2,377m

PMPW: 89kg


Diesel said...

I am quite amazed that there is photographic evidence of me on the front up a climb! Nice work by Jim to catch a very rare moment in time.

Neil Robinson said...

You weren't doing too bad up the steep stuff for a $1.05 man. Surprisingly it was the road you didn't know at all that you rode strongest.