Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Given the forecast of more wind than DK and I in a confined space, I decided to sleep in. So instead of comments about riding, I shall tell you about a further flat tyre related product that I find to be worth your nickels.

Lezyne Pressure Drive (Medium)

The pump is robust, mine has had a few trips down the asphalt and is still going strong. It even comes in a variety of anodised colours to suit your (lack of) taste. Mostly, I love it for the little hose that stores inside it. I shove it in my back pocket on every ride, and know that along with a set of glueless patches, I'm prepared for even the shittest of flat tyre days. To me that's the crux of a pumps purpose. To get you going again at times when things turn pear shaped, and be contained in a form factor that allows you to have it on hand when such a time arises.

Before using this pump, I often broke off valve cores due to vigorous pumping (teehee). The little hose doover that the Pressure Drive has, absorbs all of that 'pump english', leaving the valve core straight and true. That's a win, because snapping a valve core off is a complete fail.

If you don't have the massive bulging biceps of a body builder like me, or you're of the weight weenie inclination, then the Road Drive or Carbon Road Drive may be more to your tastes. They've got a smaller diameter barrel, so can get you to a higher tube/tyre pressure with less muscle effort, and use less or more exotic material to achieve a lower weight. There is a trade off, they sacrifice a bit of speed, because the smaller diameter also decreases the overall air volume per stroke, the number of strokes required for full inflation is increased.

Going the other direction, primarily for those riding fat tyres, you can get a larger bored Alloy Drive to get more air in per stroke, and thus reduce the time to get big bag tyres to their (lower) operating pressure.

The pumps aren't perfect, odds on you'll lose some of the rubber bits designed to keep grit out, and at some stage you'll lose an o-ring seal. Losing seals is bad mojo, because you can't generate any pressure, but Lezyne sells spares, or you could just get a pack of o-rings from your local hardware store like I do. The other thing to look out for, is because as the hose screws onto the valve core, if you pull down as you unscrew it... you can unscrew the core too and immediately deflate both your tyre, and your will to live. This is just a matter of technique, that I'm sure you can work out, and once mastered firms this pump up as a favourite of mine.

D: 5.6km
A: 34m

PMPW: 89kg

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