Wednesday, 3 September 2014


There's not much to talk about training wise so how about I start on a new project. Documenting cycling products that are well worth your dime. Here's a quick and easy one.

Lezyne Smart (puncture repair) Kit.

It's spring. Odds on it's going to rain, cars will crash into each other, and a tiny shard of glass for said crash will make its' way through your tyre and puncture the inner tube. It's even probable that it'll happen a bunch this season.

If time is not your most consideration, then this $4-$8 kit can save you up to 6 separate times, where as the $6 tube in your saddle bag is only good for one.

I've found it more reliable, and easier to carry than some of it's tiny glueless patch kit rivals such as those from Park and Serfas. I had some issues with patches being so thick they ended up cutting into the tube nearby, causing another puncture. I think we'd all agree that's not ideal.

For your 6ish bucks you get 6 patches, a scuffy uppy bit of metal, and a bit of card to use as a tyre boot (I tend to use another patch on the tyre rather than the boot). Anyway, hold the little blighters in place for about 30 seconds, pump up your tyre, pack the tiny package back in a saddle bag or pocket purse, and you're away for a 6th of the price of a new tube, and only a minute extra standing on the side of the road.

D: 5.2km
A: 128m

PMPW: 89kg

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