Tuesday, 30 September 2014


6am NRR:
I accidentally attacked at the start of this ride. I was on my way up, when Ryan Cottrell went off the front to get an effort done. I knew from experience that we didn't need to chase him, but figured I'd go set a tempo on the front of the bunch to keep everyone calm. I approached the front rider a bit fast, and given it was Nathan Wood, I decided to coast the last meter or two so he could hook on. To my right Youngie flicked past to chase Ryan, then when I looked left, I realised I'd missed Nathan completely. In other words, I was in a horrible no mans land, faster than the bunch, but slower than the two in front. So I did the sensible thing and buried myself to chase Ryan and Mick.

After a while, and a whole heap of hurt, I finally failed to catch the two riders, who'd now started working together.

I worked a few more turns before Mordi, but none as spectacular, and certainly no others that required a hand of god to get back up to speed. After Mordi I moved up the bunch, said g'day to a few dudes, but mostly tried to sit in. Then, I took a deep breath and put in my first effort on the Black rock / Sandi hill. There was no bunch destruction, but I gave myself a good whiff of pain, and found myself still a bit shy of digging into the hurt.

At the end of the ride I had a bit of a giggle. I'd found Nicky Whitburn, and was taking her up the bunch for the sprint. Partially because I think the chance of chicking a whole bunch is hilarious, and thus worth the effort. Mostly because I enjoy the act of trying to guide another rider, smoothly, and with as little effort as possible, into the perfect sprint position. It's complex, it's uncontrollable, it's simple, and it's easy. It's like a mathematician looking at a whiteboard sized equation and finding beauty. Then, to my right, Jono Cantwell rolled up and told me to get on, and did the same for me, and I got a glimpse into a whole other dimension of mathematics.

Strava link.

D: 47.3km
A: 184m


D: 5.8km
A: 37m

PMPW: 88kg

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