Thursday, 25 September 2014


2 x 10 Deck squats
1 x 20 Two handed swings @ 20kg KB
1 x 10ES Swings @ 20kg
1 x 15ES Jerks @ 20kg
1 x 25 Goblet squats @ 20kg
1 x 10ES Clean and Jerk @ 20kg
1 x 10ES Clean and Jerk @ 20kg

For a couple of years my 20kg KB has been a door stop, and part from the occasional stubbed toe, far from it's true calling as an instrument of pain and torture. This morning, it got used properly again.

It was mostly that the weather was shit and I needed my endorphin fix, but beyond that, there were a few newish/unique reasons that bear highlighting. Firstly, all this weight loss that's been going on is likely all muscle. Honestly though, the biggest factor (after the rain), is that I'm just feeling fat. There's a bit of jiggle, and that's not kosher.

I made up the session, and adjusted the reps as I went, adding extras to get to leg or arm shake. I'm not even going to go look at old Jeff sessions, because I'm sure they would have been double the work done this morning.

T minus 1 day until DOMS.


D: 6.1km
A: 108m

PMPW: 87kg

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