Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Forgive me if I've covered this idea before, but it's been bouncing around my head since a comment Dunny made during crit season. He was talking about practicing sprints, and in my mind it was about the technique, rather than the horsepower of it. Regardless, that's what my thoughts have been about.

I know I generate some decent power numbers for a roadie, though my kick is somewhat muted by my weight, but even taking a kick out of it, I'm often out gunned top speed wise too. So, technique, or more to the point, body position on the bike has been on my mind. I like a short sharp kicker of a hill/sprint, I can generate awesome power numbers, but like a gate start, my torso is pretty upright. At high speeds that cant be doing me any favours.

So, the thought that has been bouncing around in my head, is to practice the low torso sprint. As I ended up being in the leadout position this morning, I didn't get a chance to try, but I did slip in a quick one on my way home. It feels odd, and the power wasn't anything to brag about, but it bears more practice to see if in time it delivers a different sprint outcome.

Strava link.

D: 46.0km
A: 184m


D: 6.7km
A: 21m

PMPW: 90kg

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