Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I thought I'd had an MRI before, but in hindsight it was a ct scan. Anyway, I found it difficult.

"Difficult?" you ask. Yeah, difficult, I respond in the second person.

So I'm hanging out on a bed in a tube, there's a rough structure around my knee, and I'm listening to JJJ being piped through my headphones. The machine hums away at a range of frequencies and makes my leg feel a bit funny. A few minutes later it stops and the dude in the booth asks me if I'm ok, and tells me they're going to have to scan again because there was too much movement.

I have just about enough time to think "wait, i didn't think i moved at all" before the process starts again. At which point my world collapses into the concept of my leg, and how much it is and isn't moving. It becomes a disconnected concept from the rest of me.

"Just relax, if you feel a pulsing sensation, don't worry you're not moving, just try not to work against it"  I'm told.

My leg is a pulsating blob of disconnected, wobbly jelly. I'm reminded of report primary school teachers telling my parents I have difficulty sitting still.

An eternity, and a mere moment of time later and it's over, and I have no idea if the $300 I shelled out has resulted in a clear image of what's going inside the joint between my femur and tib/fib. I wont know until my follow up with the sports doc in a week or two.

D: 5.3km
A: 34m

PMPW: 89kg

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