Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Ok, so the other day I threw out some other blogs/sites that I've come across that are worth your time. They were mostly professional endeavours, or at the very least, well put together. The thing is, one of the great things about the web is it gives everyone a voice. So here are some other sites of note, or to put another way, people I know personally.

I've known, raced and ridden with the Stay True kids for close on a decade now, spanning back to when I joined the Deluxe MTB club, run by Malachi out of the old Spoke(n) store in the city. Mostly their blog is the voice of Nick (a smart cookie), though Tim and Wilko also chime in occasionally. Sadly even with a combined pool of posters, actual posts are infrequent. Link.

Michael 'Bing' Crosbie is a good kid, he weighs far too little, and as a result goes up hills faster than seems fair. His love is MTB, and mostly he posts about u23 MTB world cup races. I expect he'll go pure road in the next year or two, and probably find himself with a pro contract soon after. Link.

Aimz is another local who should probably eat a few more sandwiches. Currently she's racing road in the US. Link.

Pauly VDP on the other hand, is not shy about food. The dude is a giant, yet some how manages to mix it up on the world cup MTB circuit. In fact, he's the reigning world champ of Cross Country Eliminator (XCE). Link.

The Llama, or as he's occasionally known, "Shane", is an inspiration to obsessives everywhere. Mostly he channels his mutant power of attention to detail into ripping up ITTs. Link.

There used to be heaps more locals whacking up content, but sadly blogging seemss to have fallen a bit out of favour, or perhaps twitter has replaced it, maybe I just haven't found a heap.

Now while I'm not into twitter, there are a few mediums that are worth a look at. Instagram is great, unless everyone you follow is in Adelaide for the TdU and you're not, then it's horrible horrible torture. I'd suggest checking out Jeremy Dunn, and Jared Gruber.

Slightly more left of field is Pinterest, Caddy maintains a pretty good collection of bike aesthetics. Link.

Hopefully that lot tides you over until I come up with my own content again.


Unknown said...

So, I'm only just catching up on reading your daily musings, and I saw this one.. Thanks for the link!

Oh, and you might get a surprise when I'm back. There's been plenty of sandwiches, burgers, fries etc. Whilst your weight has been coming down, mine's gone north!

Looking forward to getting home though and spending too much time at Dukes etc with you guys :)

neil said...

aimz the sprinter, and neil the climber.

we're in bizzaro world!