Thursday, 12 June 2014


Given that I'm not giving much content right now, it's probably best that I promote some people who are.

I mentioned Ross Enamait the other day, he's got an ability to show up any excuse you've got.

Inrng is has some savant like talent for finding new ways to look at the sport of cycling and the things that surround it.

Klaus @ Cycling Inquisition is just a passionate columbian dude living in the states who dabbles in media. He's also got a funny weekly podcast with his brother and mate (Speed metal cycling). is great for race coverage. It has great (large res) photos of most major races, not just crummy finish line shots.

If you'd prefer a few more words with your race images, it's still hard to go past Cycling tips. Wade has a few contributors now (and to be honest, i'm not digging Mr Stokes's articles), but stuff like the Rocacorba is solid.

For a different perspective, Cam Wurf publishes big posts after all his big races, if you get past the spelling/grammar issues, possibly forgiving them because he writes on a blackberry, then they're a great insight to life in the peleton.

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