Saturday, 3 May 2014


St Kilda East - Kinglake reps - St Kilda East:
I wanted some time in the hills, but wasn't too fussed about the specifics. What eventuated was a ride with DK, Smax and Caff to execute Smax's training program of 3 long efforts.

The general plan was to get ourselves out to Kinglake, and Smax would do bad things to himself up the climb. Up until it happened, I wasn't sure what I'd do when he started to push hard on the pedals. In the end I sat on DK who sat on Smax, doing the prescribed cadence, and trying hard not to think about who I was trying to match.

We rolled out through Arthurs Creek, then up and over Hewitt's to the base of Kinglake and three threshold efforts. The route out was more for the scenery and quietness than because it held any training purpose.

The first effort was 15 minutes at any cadence, stepping up in watts at 5 and 10 minutes from a moderate pace, to sub threshold, to above threshold. Surprisingly to me, and DK as well (given he kept looking back to see if I was still there), I managed to hold on right the way through.

The second effort was 20 minutes of threshold power, but swapping from 60 to 90rpm every 5 minutes. Again, I managed to stick with it to the end.

The final effort was 15 minutes of threshold, and when DK dropped the wheel after the cutting, I was faced with a gap to chase, so I stepped off the wheel and chased. I closed the gap slightly, but it was obvious that Smax was ramping up his effort, so I settled for not letting the gap blow out any further. It was only after we turned the legs off that I realised that I'd just held onto an NRS rider up 3 long hills.

The feeling of accomplishment that the realisation brought stuck with me the whole way home, even as we scurried to try and avoid the worst of the looming black clouds.

Strava link.

D: 160.2km
A: 2,691m

PMPW: 93kg

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