Saturday, 10 May 2014


Philip Island TTT:
I really really really, wasn't keep to do a TTT. It's beyond just feeling that they don't suit me. I honestly believe I'm a liability to my team mates. So, I proposed I take the first turn, get the boys up to speed, hold on to it for as long as I could, and then let go to chop off the remainder of the 2 lap race.

Let's just say that we need a bit more practice at the concept, as I don't think the boys got any benefit from me. They appeared to have lost my wheel at the start, and then again through the big sweeping corner two (I could corner harder on my roadie than they could on TT rigs).

Philip Island GP Teams Race:
I did some good things today, the first of which was dressing well. Woolen socks, undershirt, arm warmers and gloves kept me from getting cold as I got soaked. Deep lensed, high contrast glasses kept my eyes free from water and grit while sitting on wheels. I also had decent caffeine levels, with a pre race coffee, a gel on the start line, then more on an every 30 minute schedule.

There are some things I did poorly. The biggest one was a (team) tactical one. DK and Dom had been fairly active at the front of the race from the start, so to give them a break, I went across to a two man move. We rolled a couple of times before being joined by a few more riders. I felt ok, not excited about the prospect of chopping off turns for most of the day, but I at least felt capable of doing so. At some point, I had a glance back and it looked like one of the boys was coming across, and this is where my error occurred. I sat up so I could give them a hand. What I didn't realise, was moments after I saw them coming, the bunch responded, shutting down their move. So what eventuated was we no no longer had anyone in the break. Back in the bunch I made sure I rolled a super hard turn down the main straight to cut into the breaks lead.

A little after the halfway point of the race I got a little too smart for my own good. I started opening gaps on riders and looking at the rider behind until they covered it off. The problem was, a solid chase of the  break began, and I got caught out down the line. After a lap or so in the gutter, I reached the limit of my legs.

Fitness wise I was pretty close to where I needed to be, though I think I need to work on producing power in the drops so I can deal with extended time in the gutter. I also need to get my knee back to ridgy didge, possibly even having a chat to a sports physician next week.

Strava link.

D: 64.9km
A: 143m

PMPW: 93

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