Saturday, 26 April 2014


Tour of the South West Stage 1:
It wasn't as windy as, but I still tried my best to start near the front, and avoid a repeat of the shemozzle that occurred last year.

After a fast first lap, where I found myself in the swinging tail towards the back, I was pleased that I'd made it far further than last year. As we approached the end of the second lap, my confidence was up even further, the pace had eased, I was camped in the first few riders, and Dom had just gone up the road with a break that featured most of the teams.

Then Ritchie told me that DK had flatted. It only took half a moment to realise the correct course of action was to put up my hand, wait for him, and aid in the task of getting back in contact with the bunch. So I did, and after the bunch, and the car convoy had passed I hung out on the side of the road, steadily getting more worried about how much time we were giving up.

Eventually DK rolled over the crest of the hill behind, and I got myself rolling again. The bunch wasn't in sight, but I was hopeful the easy pace they'd been doing when I last saw them, meant we would soon be back in the fold. I rolled a turn, then DK pulled through and pulled one three times as long, then I pulled through for a turn, then DK rolled through and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and my legs hurt, and I couldn't hold on any longer.

At the time I called forward to let DK know he'd torn me asunder, I'd only covered 2 laps of the 5 lap race, and the bunch was still somewhere up the road. I felt pretty deflated, I hadn't really been any help at all.

Towards the end of that solo lap I encountered a few others who'd flatted early, and set to completing the final 2 and a bit laps with them. As we crossed the line for 2 to go, Shannon Johnson told me that DK was in the Rush tent... he'd obviously not made it back to the bunch. So for the second time in the morning, I waved good by to my riding companion(s).

As I rolled back to the tent, DK rolled out to meet me. We rolled a lap together, finishing it, just in time to watch the leaders of a grade sprint for the line.

Strava link.

D: 68.5km
A: 501m

Tour of the South West Stage 2:
After sorting out Ritchie who'd decided to rub his body along the asphalt a mere 200m from the finish, and shoving some food into my face, I got myself ready to TT.

I had nothing to prove, and felt it best I save myself for the crit tomorrow... but I didn't want to just ride on the tops either, so I set myself a power goal. 350W for 14.2km, not burying myself, but not piss farting around either.

I think I did ok with the pacing strategy. I resisted the temptation to smack it off the line and with the tail wind. I had enough to push hard on the steep kick of a climb at the back of the course, and drove hard to the line to average 340W.

Strava link.

D: 14.2km
A: 94m

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