Friday, 18 April 2014


St Kilda East - Mordialloc - St Kilda East:
I don't know how we dodged the rain, but other than a tiny bit of road spray, for a km or two, it was bone dry for a easy tap down to Mordi and back with Bing.

He's coming back off a 17th in an u23 world cup, and when he said he was going to win today, I figured he probably was. Any idea of me having a crack went out the window, and I told him I'd hit things early to soften up some legs for him to attack later. Anyway, more of that after some statistics.

Strava link.

D: 67.2km
A: 340m

HCC Crit:
I started the race on the front, setting a light tempo, while looking back into the eyes of the following bunch. A few nudged the pace, but were shut down almost instantly, leaving me a solid run out of the bottom corner, up the side of the bunch and clear off the front.

I was out there solo for a couple of laps, before another rider joined me. We tagged on and off for a few more laps before a 3rd came across to bolster our chances. I wasn't loving life, but I was getting a job done, and that's what mattered.

A few more laps later, a few more joined us, including Bing, Lucas and Boysy... basically all my mates in the race. I was convinced this was the winning move, it had solid legs who were all willing to work. My job was now to cover Bing's work load, and I had no doubt it was going to suck even more than the time leading up to it.

I get a little hazy about now, but at some point I looked down and noted the race was half done. I'd been off the front for 20 minutes. I gave myself a little pat on the back, and checked behind us, only to find the bunch closing down on us.

I acquiesced, slinking to the back of the bunch for a breather. What I didn't know was that Bing hadn't, he'd counter attacked and was still clear. He stayed clear too, dangling just off the front with another rider a couple of times, but always clear. In fact, he went on to win, just like he said, which was pretty awesome.

What that left, was a race for 3rd. Coming out of the bottom corner at the end of 2 to go, Damo Drapac hit it, and I decided to spoil his party. I nailed myself up the hill, glancing back as we crossed the line for the bell, and saw another rider. It was the dude who'd been the first to come across to me 40 odd minutes earlier. So I slapped my arse a couple of times to let him know to hang on, and I dumped everything I had left down, onto, and along the back straight, letting him go before the corner, and hopefully close enough to finish the Damo party spoiling.

I'm drilled. I haven't felt like this after a HCC crit since the second one I raced this season... the first A grade I'd ever finished. That feels like a lifetime ago, and I feel like I've made some good mental and physical steps since then. For instance, sometimes you've just got to harden the fuck up kid.

Strava link.

D: 49.7km
A: 536m

PMPW: 94kg

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