Tuesday, 4 March 2014


6am NRR:
Mostly I had fun today, I watched DK play playing witness the fitness, from Southland back to St Kilda. I reckon he spent more time off the front of the bunch, than he did in it during that time. Smack it away from lights to shake the bunch off his wheel, then solid tempo. Meanwhile I contributed a little to chasing him down, but mostly saved myself for a hill and a sprint effort.

Up the hill, I was set to start from the bottom, interested to see if I could manage to pace myself all the way to the top. A rider come up beside me, so I upped the pace to let them know I wanted to be on the front, but they kept coming. A quick glance showed it was De Luca, so I let him roll over and take me to when the first ramp starts, then it was out into the air and deep into the pain. I've had a few people tell me since that it was destroying the bunch, but when I finally made it to the top, body shaking for the effort of keeping it steady, and let the bunch roll past, I didnt see any obvious gaps, and that left me a tiny bit disappointed.

The sprint was odd, we copped the lights halfway along Ormond Esplanade, but a single rider slipped through on the very deep orange. De Luca, Tommy Leaper and myself vowed we'd chase him down. So basically it was a 2km team sprint with Leigh doing first honours, then Tommy, and finally me. Despite the monster efforts they put in, I wasn't within cooee of the lone rider by the time I'd emptied my tank to BP. I don't mind though, the effort was the reward.

Strava link.

D: 48.5km
A: 200m


D: 7.1km
A: 73m

PMPW: 94kg

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