Wednesday, 19 March 2014


St Kilda East - Anderson St Reps - St Kilda East:
It seems that race wheels make a difference up a hill, as I "won" around 2/3rds of the reps against DK. Obviously it's the effort that is important, but only to coaches and fitness gains. Me? I want the win in quotation marks.

Talking of the effort, I struggled when I sat down, my pedalling felt like chopping wood, very up and down, without much finesse through the bottom of the pedal stroke. Talking of struggling, I cracked completely on rep 11. It happened about the 2nd pedal stroke, which gave me enough time to have 3 full tries to get my head straight... but keeping on doing fuck all won out, and I'm shitty about that.

Strava link.

D: 21.4km
A: 339m


D: 2.8km
A: 12m

HCC Crit:
On the start line for this one I had a nervous buzz, and on top of that buzz was a mild caffeine buzz. It was a good place to be. There was no attack on the first lap, which meant I had time to notice something odd going on with my drive train. A quick lap out didn't locate the issue, but after some quick testing I realised it was only happening when the chain was on the big ring. Not ideal, but I could deal with it, I was still part of the race, and still eager to put my stamp on it.

So I rolled around with the bunch for a while, thinking about how I'd manage to possition myself for the sprint without the aid of a gear I could sink my teeth into at speed. Hahaha punny. Anyway, a few attacks had flicked clear and come back, and around 15 minutes in, there were 6-7 guys dangling about 15-20 seconds off the front, and there was no concerted chase, and I feared it held enough fire power to stay away... in other words, I panicked and put myself in the wind.

photo filched from DK

After a lap of solid chase, I realised that not only was I was pushing air, but that I had dislodged the bunch and was now flying solo. This was a two edged realisation, on the plus side it meant I was riding strong, on the minus side it meant I had no one to share the work with. After 3 laps of hanging myself out there I was close to the break, but the bunch was close to me. The break seemed to sit up, and in my pain induced delirium I chose to take a half second break and let the bunch finish off the work. There was either a counter attack from the break itself, or some guys from the bunch went, or both... I don't really know, I was too busy trying to catch onto a wheel... but that move that happened while I was firmly in the box, was to be the one that stuck.

I hung out in the bunch for a while, but as we closed in on the end of our allotted race period it was obvious the break would hold off the haphazard chase efforts that were currently going on. I really, really, really wanted to win tonight, but soon realised that if no one was going to drag me into a winning position, there was no point saving myself. I went to the front, told a few boys I knew had no team mates represented in the break that I wanted to work, and set about getting my $12 worth.

To get some closure this year, I'm going to have to do the good Friday race.

Strava link.

D: 49.2km
A: 526m

PMPW: 95kg

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