Sunday, 16 March 2014


SKCC Crits:
After a warmup in E grade, where I not only lost the sprint to the 3 participants, but also to DK, I sat around waiting for A grade, thinking about what I wanted to achieve. I feel like I'm in decent shape, I had caffeinated gel, I had deep wheels on my bike... it all added up to me trying my hand at the end of the race.

It didn't really pan out that way though, on the first lap or two a small break got up the road, it had some decent legs in it, but with small numbers, I felt it wasn't a threat to the combined might of the bunch. Then, slowly, riders from a range of teams pinged off from the bunch to (attempt to) bridge, and the danger of it being the winning move grew exponentially. It was when I saw Stu Hill from Stay True ready himself that I knew I had to act. When he launched, I launched, and we soon had ourselves out in the void between the pursuers and the quarry. My resolve increased when I saw the only Rush rider who'd made the original move, Skinny, lose contact with the front riders. So I worked with Stu to close down on the break. It hurt out there, but we were closing down on the leaders... the problem was, the bunch was doing the same to us. Stu called it, and eased off the pedals. I basically sat up, aiming to recover as best I could before the bunch came flying through.

It was about then that DK went flying past, a rider or two desperately clinging to his wheel, and the fate of the race was basically sealed. When he reached the break a lap or two later, there were enough strong riders from enough of the teams that I had no doubt the winner would come from their select number, and thus there was no need to pump myself full of coffee flavoured stimulant/

After the halfway point of the race, the break well out of sight, I started to roll myself forward to pull a few turns. Sometimes a single hard lap, at other times turns with the Stay True boys. If the race was already won, then I may as well get some training done. As we neared the end, Stu Hill and Hayden Bradbury from O2 were ripping monster efforts on the front, and suddenly we could see the break again. I stopped pulling turns instantly, and reached for the gel, and swore at myself. I'd done too much work to have great legs left, but Ritchie had been tucked away all race, so should be fresh. As I piled the sugary liquid into my cake hole I hoped that I'd be able to do something helpful for him.

As we got 3 to go, I was back to believing the break would just hold on, so the sprint was just going to be for giggles and pride. I came through early, to help out Lui who'd been left on the front for way too long. My effort got the bunch onto the last lap, sadly leaving Richie in a bit of a shit position, but it was mostly just to empty them out.

Strava link.

D: 93.5km
A: 174m

PMPW: 93kg

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