Sunday, 9 February 2014


SKCC Crits:
The forecast was for 30° overnight, and 34 during the day. At some point they revised the top temperature to 37, but by the time I saw that I'd already rolled down to the back of Port Melbourne and worked with a strong group of e graders.

I refilled the bottle I drank during that, then lined up with the d graders, content to let them fry in the hot wind before it came down to a sprint. After 20 or so minutes a sole rider went off the front, I decided to chase him down and ensure he didn't sit on b grade. It took a few laps to get onto his wheel, and I must admit, I was pretty impressed by his strength to hold me off that long. After a 5-10 laps, another rider made it across, this one was a d grader, and thus of use to my wind foil. They rolled hard, and I sat contentedly on their wheels, until 4-5 more came across, and the stage was set for a 7 man sprint finish.

During that 45 or so minutes of d grade, I consumed two full bottles, and had polished off my 4th for the day when DK suggested we go get a slurpee in our faces before our own race. It was obvious that core temperature and fluid were going to play massive roles shortly.

I sat up the back of a grade early on, letting others blunt themselves around the back into the northerly. After a while, when it was obvious that most were starting to feel the affects, I rolled myself forward a bit, and kept a closer eye on the goings on. Lui and CJ were covering moves for Rush, so it was only when a couple of guys went clear without them, then Chris Tymms kicked to get across that I felt I had to do anything. I launched after Chris, making contact and pulling through, but we fell slightly short of the catch and the bunch was coming hard after us. While I was slipping back down the pack, trying to get a quick rest, the winning move went. Sadly I didn't even notice it go. I saw the move after, one with 4-5 riders, and figured that was the front of the race. I was content that the 20 or so blokes around me would be able to easily account for them, so I pulled short turns, aiming to keep the pace ticking over, but save my legs for the end of the race, and one truly decisive move.

Our group continued to chase, but I never caught sight of that small group. I saw at least one rider that had been in it on the side, finished for the day, but never the group itself.

"Surely it would be soon. I hope it will be soon. God, we're chewing through our own riders fairly rapidly, we better catch them soon!"

After a while in that mindset, I asked DK, who'd called it a day due to the heat, for a number and time gap. 10 riders, 40 seconds. We were down to 6 riders, and 40 seconds is fast approaching a lapping. So I called it quits, and went for another slurpee.

Strava link.

D: 114.7km
A: 239m

PMPW: 94kg

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