Tuesday, 4 February 2014



D: 6.0km
A: 38m

Old Fitzroy Cycles Ride:
I thought I'd try something different for a Tuesday, not different in that it's an afternoon rather than morning session (I was doing Sandown before Christmas), but rather the ride itself, the Old Fitzroy Cycles Ride. The last time I did it was with Mark Guirguis, back before my first ever Warny (2009), and a few weeks after I had turned 30.

Some things had changed, the first was how the ride gets on to beach rd, it's now across the rail lines at Brighton beach, a situation I'm told is a return to the old days before the boom gates there got decommissioned. Some thing's haven't changed, Eddie Wilson hasn't been doing it since that last time, but seeing him there, sort of took me back a few years... oh, and it's still a bolter on the way home.

At some point on the way down into the cracking southerly, the bunch got split, I was up front with 9 other blokes, a few of which were happy to keep punching into the wind, most of us weren't.


A couple of our sub dozen group turned around before the Mordi carpark. The big glut of riders who'd been split off turned before them, and suddenly the 6 or so of us left found ourselves not at the front of the ride, but rather at the back. As we sat at a red at Centreway, I told everyone that I'd cover off the gap, and when the light went green I did just that! I was flying with the tailwind, whipping down the road at upwards of  60 klicks, dragging anyone who was willing and able to hold my wheel right to the front of the ride again. Then I sat in and tried not to pedal squares, waiting for a chance to make up some places in the strung out bunch.

As we came through Black Rock there were a couple of small groups off the front. I figured it was time to shine again, so rolled up the side of the bunch and ramped up the legs. The first group was an easy catch, dispatched by the false flat mid section of the hill, the second lot were harder. I caught one or two who popped, but as I crested the top, there was still one guy with a good gap on me, and my legs were tiring. I turned to see who might help close it down, and found that I'd ridden clear solo. As good as that is for the ego, I was disappointed that it meant I wouldn't get that last rider.

I sat up and waited for a pair of riders to get across to me, then jumped on. Lights at Sandi ruined that party, so I figured I'd try and re-load the legs and play in the sprint, which I ended up taking up to speed from just before Glen Huntly, and letting fly at the line.

Yeah, that was solid, maybe not Sandown, but great value for money given it only cost me a delayed dinner time.

Strava link.

D: 60.2km
A: 292m

PMPW: 95kg

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