Thursday, 27 February 2014


Last night, sitting around waiting for D and B grades to finish, I was chatting to Smax. It was the standard cyclist conversation, asking each other about current form and goals. I admitted to Joel that I was off the pace I wanted, because I had missed a few of the hard efforts I need.

Right now there's three types of thing I feel will help me, and all of them suck.

Repeat sprint efforts. Yarra St is about a 70 seconds, Airlie is about 30, Anderson is about 75, Westbury is about 30. Pick and choose, but both the 30 and the 60 second efforts have merits, but mostly it's about making a poo face.

Repeat punchy hills. 2-7 minutes of threshold, working on keeping things smooth and generating maximum hate for life.

Ergo. This one sort of scares me the most, there's just no external stimuli to help distract you from the evil shit you're doing to yourself. The reverse ladder I worked through before Christmas worked well. It's hard to organise this one due to the noise it (and I) make.

Anyway, these are the sorts of things I need to do to pick up the last few % I want before SKCC crit champs. Losing a few kg to make the machine more efficient would help too.

D: 7.5km
A: 43m

PMPW: 95kg

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Cycling Jobin said...

Need more photos of the Poo face