Sunday, 23 February 2014


SKCC Crits:
I rolled around with e-grade, and it felt ok, but it's e-grade, so it I never expected anything different.

It was the time after e-grade, while waiting for the other grades and the TTTs to finish, that I flip flopped between wanting to race a-grade, and feeling like I should just go home and save the expense.

5 minutes before the race was due to start I rode a wave of enthusiasm and paid $15 for a number and some safety pins, then nervously lined myself up. I was nervous because of the crash, having no logical cause for it other than user error made me doubt myself. That's not ideal when you've got to commit to nailing the final corner at SKCC 3 wide at 50km/h.

To flush some of the nerves out, test my legs, and give the Rush boys who'd raced the TTT a bit of a mental break, I forced the first move. I found Adrian (Boomtime) in the neutral lap, and told him to come with me. We kicked away, and were clear by ourselves for a couple of laps before we eased slightly to let two riders who were bridging make contact. That foursome lasted a few more laps before 2-3 others turned up, and I figured we might have a fighting chance. Well, the break might, my legs were starting to hate me, and I wasnt the only one. A Dutch Drapac rider was dangling off the back, even before I started to struggle to hold wheels.

Soon the bunch was storming towards us, so I sneakily blew up, and put myself into reverse. When I eventually managed to hold on to a passing wheel (the very last one), I decided it'd be best if I just saved energy by not trying to move up for a while. So I sat there on the back, collecting tickets, while others dictated the racing at the front.

Moves went and came, but as we got deeper into the race, my confidence that we'd come to a sprint finish strengthened. Sadly my legs didn't, so I did what I could for Dunny in the last lap, dragging him forward around the back straight, then sat up and watched him deck it around the outside of the last turn.

I've obviously already sent James my recommendations for graze care products. He's going to need them.

Strava link.

D: 84.7km
A: 129m

PMPW: 93kg

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