Saturday, 15 February 2014


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant - Stony Creek - Pidgeon Bank - Dawson - Reserve - Clintons - Flat Rock - St Kilda East:
This was pretty much bang on what I hoped, and feared, today's ride would be. The two main antagonists accompanying me we Jim Hsu and Craig Peacock, but Jim's mate Jason also joined us to make lovely even numbers.

I've come to think that I need a couple 5ish hour rides with solid, but short hills to really push my threshold levels on. I know just the hills too, and my mates were keen to come along, quite literally, for the ride.

Craig and Jase met me in Rosanna, and we had a few cracks at each other on the hills leading to Warrandyte, where Jim was set to meet us. I took honours pretty much each time, but it wasn't easy, which I guess is a good thing.

Then Jim joined us for the crux of the ride, first off the cab for me was Kruses, I hit it with intent and constantly cajoled myself to pedal smoother and harder. I crested the top, circled back and rode the last little bit with the last rider.

Then on Pigeon Bank something happened that turned into somewhat of a pattern for the day. I took a couple of photos of the guys riding in front of me, but in doing so, hit a steep pinch in way too big a gear and was forced to grind it out with only one and a half hands. This meant the guys gapped me, and here in lies the pattern. I struggled to catch them, though they didn't appear to be going hard. Put another way, today I had two speeds, go and woah.

I gave Nicholas lane a nudge, but the real next aim was Dawson Rd. I tried to keep a level head early, but felt I had to respond when Craig stood and attacked. I was just drawing level/past him when an oncoming car forced us single file, so I pushed harder again, and lost all visual queues on the others. With my own heart beat and breathing meaning I couldnt hear them, I tried to just go about the business of producing smooth power.

Next up was Clintons, I took the lead early and thought I was clear of everyone partway up the long straight past the Rob Rob hill climb course. Then Craig again attacked and I was forced to lift. I was sure he'd fall away before the corner, I'd always been able to dislodge him by then, but he stuck fast to my hip. At the corner and the hard pinch I made sure he lost contact, standing and powering on the pedals. It cost me a bit of power at the finish, and put me deep in the box, but psychologically it was good to dispatch him.

We looped back to Flat Rock where I wanted one last long effort, but when I started to lift the pace to counter the inevitable attack by Craig my hamstrings told me they were done, and if I considered pedalling hard they're promptly cramp on me.

Ok, the 3 good solid efforts I aimed for and got to do.

Kruses. A solid 8s PB. 575W for 2:00.
Dawson. A solid 20s PB. 379W for 6:12.
Clintons. My 2nd fastest result. 11s off my best and 1 better than the old 2nd best. 418W for 6:23.
I also set a solid time on the Pony Club climb in Banyule. A PB time of 2:19 at 450W.

I'm spent now though.

Strava link.

D: 124.8km
A: 2,244m

PMPW: 95kg

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