Wednesday, 29 January 2014



D: 6.2km
A: 87m

HCC Crits:
First the bad things that happened. Devastating things really. On my way up to the crit, I like to open up the legs on the Church st hill between Swan and Bridge, given the southerly I figured I'd see what sort of time I could set, you know... have a crack at whatever strava segments are around. I felt great, the power numbers were awesome, and I was stoked with myself until I looked down and realised I hadnt started GPS.

Alright, now the crit itself. I didn't know how well I'd go, so mostly joked about sitting at the back collecting tickets all night. In reality I know that's a dumb move at Hawthorn, there is a fair whip out of the bottom corner due to braking up the bunch. It's very much not Glenvale or SKCC where the back is no less risky than 8th wheel (unless you count the risk of a break going and you missing it).

Aaaaanyway! I hid as best I could, moving up wheels out of the bottom corner when I had a few spare heart beats and watts. When I didnt, I clun desperately to the one I was on, hoping they'd hold the one they were on. Some time after the sprint, the pace not really easing up, games of break chicken started. Guys would fly off the front, or a wheel would be dropped and the bunch would be faced with a choice. Let the riders up the road win the race, spend some energy and commit to chasing them down, or conserve energy by sitting on and hope someone else would chase them down. At around 20 minutes of the 35+3 lap race, a group of 5-6 guys were given some leash, and I knew if they were given any more, the race was positively, guaranteed, 100% done. Guys spread across the road, no one wanting to push hard into the wind, looking around to see if anyone else was going to. Then, it was on. A few dudes launched hard and got a gap. Then some others went after them, I bit the bullet and chased.

I dangled a metre or three off the back of that little group forever. Around a lap, lap and a half in, we caught the first group of guys who'd tried to bridge, they were shattered and I made the mistake of rolling up toward them rather than going around and powering through. Given my time again, I dont think I could have done much different, I was smashing myself trying to cover this move, mentally and physically I was on the edge, but I still know it's the wrong thing to do.

After another lap or two I finally got the first whiff of break as I got onto the back of that little group who'd made contact with the lead riders some time before. The pace at the front wasn't letting up, and several of the guys who had made contact were now popping, despite being on a wheel. I was deep into the red and considered pulling the pin, but got myself through with a lot of "just one more kick", I knew I was trying to fool myself, but I was in too much pain to be anything but fooled. At one point I pulled out of the queue over the top, taking in massive gulps of air as I used the time it took to slide from 4th-ish back down to 25th-ish to recover. Soon enough we hit the end of the race, and I was pretty legless and way to far back to play, so I hung on until the bottom straight on the last lap, then eased off the bunch to ensure I'd arrive home with all my skin, and smiled to myself.

I was just bunch fodder today, but it was an amazing $12 training session. Soon, dudes are going to pay for their insolence.

Strava link.

D: 52.0km
A: 501m

PMPW: 95kg

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