Sunday, 26 January 2014


SKCC Crits:
I rolled in early so I could smash a coffee and get some extra kilometres in with E and D grades. E was pretty simple, roll around the course and get everyone to roll turns so we can ensure they're safe in a bunch. D was a little harder, the surging pace was driving me nuts, DK and I started coasting at the exit of the sweeper all the way through to and out of turn 4. Soon after I had to move up a few wheels to get a touch more consistency and ensure I had legs for my own race.

Before A grade started, it was obvious that Rush would have a comparatively big presence, 6 of the 20-25ish riders. I told the boys I just wanted to sit in and see how the legs felt. When the race started, and attacks started flinging off the front, I got a bit carried away and went out myself and contributed to chasing others down. I felt alright, not good enough to want to sit in a break all day, but to be fair I never want to do that.

As the pattern settled in and my confidence that I was going to be alright grew, I determined that it would come down to a bunch gallop, and went to find Ritchie. He said his legs were good to go, so I mapped out the plan. He'd have me, then Jake to work for him. I was happy to get the pair of them around the sweeper, but I needed someone to launch him a little bit out of the corner as the headwind effectively lengthened the straight. Then things got confused, someone told me it was two to go, so I went to the front, then it wasn't two to go, and my legs were already par-cooked. I reset, I found wheels, I lost Ritchie, I was offered a lead out, I fought others for the wheel I was on. Coming around the back, Ritchie pushed out and I gave him the wheel I was on. Out of the corner, I kicked from 4th place and had 3 whole pedal strokes before the body said no.

Alright, so working on a good, smooth cadence seemed to get me through to the end happily enough. A bit of a false-start, or should that be false-end, and a touch of wind coming into the sprint left me a touch off, but it's all promising. 

Strava link.

D: 124.3km
A: 121m

PMPW: 96kg

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