Sunday, 12 January 2014


The title says rest, but lets call a spade a spade. This was a spade day.

The nationals was being broadcast on SBS, and that seemed like a good way to pass the time on the couch. If being eager didn't hurt, I would say that I was eager to spend time on the couch, as it was, being eager hurt, so I just laid there and watched.

By the time I tuned in, a few lads had skipped clear, included a few I know. Given the size, make up and time gap, I was convinced it was the winning break, and that my favourite named man (Steele Von Hoff) was pretty good for the title. Steele showed he had a decent kick by winning the Criterium champs on Wednesday, and on the climb of Mt Bunny he looked comfortable. Total shoe in for the title!

Sadly it was not to be, OGE shut it down in the dying laps and we ended up seeing a Western Australian (Cam Meyer), a Tasmanian (Ritchie Porte), and two Victorians (Simon Gerrans and Cadel Evans) go hammer and tongs at each other, eliminating everyone else up the final climb.

With Cam riding for Gerro the result came down to the other three, and I don't think you could claim that any of them pulling on the green and gold bands would have been an unpopular win. Anyway, thanks to the dozens of world class riders and the best locals going around, for riding like the title mattered. That makes it matter.

PMPW: 96kg

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