Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hell Ride:
I was still nervous about this ride when I was rolling down for pre ride flat white in Black Rock. Last week hurt a lot and indicated to me that I had lost fitness. Put another way, I wanted to limit how much I sat in the wind to ensure that if and when the ride went ballistic, I had a chance of hanging on.

I ended up working for most of the journey down, the bunch was pretty big and it was easier and safer to be close to the front. Well, let's check that "easier", obviously pushing the wind isn't as easy as sitting in, and if you did try to find a sit near the front without being on the front you were soon swamped and 45 wheels further back. So it was easier only in the sense that the wheels were cleaner and there wasn't a chance of being split by lights.

Into Olivers I was in the top few riders, instead of unloading the legs and seeing if I could get clear, I let a few guys come around, and then just followed wheels, hoping that Koen wasn't going to get too feisty. A few riders swamped the front as we hit the 2nd rise, it didn't put me too far back, but it did box me in until the pace created gaps and trouble in some others. Finally we hit the ride up to Canadian Bay rd, and I though the pace being set by Rico Rogers was solid, I felt like I could go harder. So I edged out of the line and went up the side of the 10sh riders in front of me, making it up to 3rd wheel before tucking myself back in for a quick reprieve. Rico peeled off just before Canadian Bay, leaving my in 2nd, and I felt even better about my fitness, my heart rate was nudging 190bpm but I was deep enough in the moment that it didnt matter. Then Koen and Jez Hunt rolled past on the left and all power left my body as I realised that I wasn't actually a cycling god.

Strava link.

D: 101.6km
A: 415m

PMPW: 96kg

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