Sunday, 8 December 2013


SKCC Crits:
Rush had a decent numbers for the race, so we set a few plans, and to my mild ire, I wasn't the designated sprinter. I still had a bit of latitude, and wanted to help out the boys aiming to get up the road in a break, so I decided to make the first move.

Darcy Wooley beat me to the punch, hitting it as we came out of neutral, so I bolted over to his wheel, and the two of us chopped off half lap turns for 4-5 laps before a slightly strung out bunch brought us back. It was a pity, we got a good 15-20 seconds up, and as we settled into solid tempo my legs were feeling good as I rolled my turns into the wind.

Anyway after we were caught I slipped back into the bunch for a sit, content that though the attacks were frequent, nothing was being given any leash. Tozer and CJ were ever present until about half an hour in when a group of about 8 went away DK's pink arse was in it, and at some points they were out of sight. I honestly thought that was the race done, and the question of who was to be our sprinter irrelevant.

I was wrong, the break wasn't working well together and about 10 minutes to go, they were caught, and the bunch sort of hesitated for a bit, then DK went again, this time solo.

The boys asked me to pull them to the front, so I did, then sat a few wheels further back with Rico. I wanted him covered in case he tried to kick clear. When a few others went into the void and were making steady progress on the bunch I moved up as we got given 3 laps, and was told to go. So I layed into the pedals for a lap, eating ground on the guys in the void, but after a quick check over my shoulder, I realised I'd lost my team and was myself dangling in the void.

I made a choice, I was going to try and chase down the 3 riders, take an ever so slight draught off of them, and keep going to the line. That was a painful choice. Coming through for the bell I was deeply in the box and had to take firm control of a few factors.

Pedal smooth!! Head up!

Around to the back of the course I was still gaining on the riders, but another glance back told me the bunch had started to really motor, and had caught me. So I sat up. I had no extra punch to give my team mates, so I got out the way.

Rolling in half a lap down on the bunch, I got some incredible news. Not only had Dave held on to take the win, but Richie had won the sprint for 2nd.

I'd had a good day on the bike, despite it not being what I'd hoped or planned for, and the team 1-2 just reinforced the grin. There are two, maybe three races left that I can do before I fly to Canada on Friday, and my confidence and motivation have never felt better.

Strava link.

D: 73.8km
A: 160m

PMPW: 95kg

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