Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Note to self, remember to start the gps computer somewhere near where you start riding, otherwise you can only claim you rode 3.8km for a ride, and that's a bit embarrassment.

D: 3.8km
A: 71m

HCC Crits:
Covered the first move, then went solo for few laps. I was far from flying, but the bunch wasn't destroying my lead, so I kept on the pedals to give DK and Heggers a free ride for a while. 3, maybe 4 laps later I was swallowed back up. Counter attacks came, and Wilko touched my bum. He tried to make it seem like he was helping me get back to speed, but I know what he was really doing... copping a feel.

Anyway the race wasn't too exciting, a few guys described it as negative, I'd call it defensive. There was no large teams of guys present, so no one was willing to let others just ride up the road to victory without them. After the sprint came and went, we had a brief lull, then about 5-10 minutes to go the pace started to get hectic. Attacks came pretty much every lap, I rode near the front to help cover any moves that didn't contain DK or Heggers. I finally decided there were enough riders willing to chase things down, and thus I could take a sit, when we started to get our laps counted down.

I've said it before, that I want to have a red hot crack at the sprint at the HCC Crits. Dunny knows it, and today offered to help get me to the bottom corner. Over the top for the bell, he rolled up the right, calling to me before he rolled past. Perfect! I slipped onto his wheel as he rolled to the front. I tried to keep calm, to suppress the nerves and concentrate on what I needed to do. I needed to destroy myself from that bottom corner, and hold the throttle wide open until the top.

As we rolled down the descent to the bottom straight I casually shifted into my big ring, and casually threw the chain clear off it. I figured i had time to fix it, so shifted back and forth between the two trim settings only to find my chain fully locked up in the rear mech. Gutted, I rolled to the right of the road and watched the bunch flow on to the final corner and the subsequent sprint.

James, we're going to make one of these moves work mate. These little bastards have had it their way for too long!

Strava link.

D: 50.8km
A: 530m

PMPW: 94kg

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