Monday, 2 December 2013


Feeling well used, and a baking northerly meant I had plenty of time to think about yesterday. The thoughts were a little more practical than the self flagellation that occurred in the afternoon, they were about how to organise an impromptu train.

So yesterday I was eager to sprint, and asked a few boys to help out in the last few laps. I asked Dunny and Lach specifically, but I think not specifically enough.

In a well oiled sprint train, even at the club level, it's understood by each rider what their job is. This is often described as a speed and or distance from the line. This certainty gives everyone confidence that they just need to do their job. A good example of this is the O2 boys, they've been running trains at SKCC for years, and delivering consistent results. This is where I think impromptu trains, specifically the ones I try to organise fail. They have even less certainty about roles.

The solution seems simple here and now. More communication, specifically about speed, bunch position and distance from the line. "Can you give me a hand" should instead be "Can you drop me off at 55 to the last corner?" or "Can you drag me to 5th wheel by the back sweeper?".

The same goes the other way, if I'm telling a bloke that I'll deliver them, I need to be a very specific about what that means.

The other option is to just run an organised train...

D: 15.7km
A: 63m

PMPW: 95kg

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