Wednesday, 11 December 2013



D: 5.3km
A: 41m

HCC Crit:
Each week I roll up to the Kew boulie for the HCC crit I worry that my legs aren't feeling terribly good, then each week I remember I though the same last week and went alright anyway. This week was no different, the legs were tender to the touch and I struggled to push into them as I crossed town on my way to register.

We had the biggest a-grade Rush turnout for the year, with DK, Bing, Deano and myself rocking the pink kit. The numbers meant we had blokes on the front or in the move pretty much all day, starting off with Deano hitting it from the gun, then a couple of laps later I went clear for 3 circuits by myself. I spent that time wondering why there was a gale force headwind in the bottom straight, and not even a breeze strength tailwind up the climb and top straight. Also... I wondered why no one was jumping across. It  was so lonely out there.

Anyway I got caught, as any big boy on a bumpy course should, and slipped back into the bunch for a little bit of wheel sucking. DK and Bing took up duties near the front and I didn't see the wind again until a reasonable move was hanging in the wind, and the boys had been on the front for a while. I rolled up and set a steady tempo, closing the gap a little, then just ensuring it stayed constant. It was all good until a couple of fellows decided that was the perfect platform to take a flyer and suddenly I was deep in the box, scrabbling for wheels. Once I got my eyes uncrossed I decided to sit in for a bit.

I got a bit complacent sitting on wheels there, because time wasn't stopping, and soon C-grade was finished, leaving us with a clean course and not many laps to go. When the 3 laps sign came out for us, I was still around 20th, maybe even 30th, which is not ideal. Ideal position for the sprint is 2nd, with fresh legs, and covering 25odd wheels to get there does not make for fresh legs. So I looked for cheeky passing opportunities, slipping up the inside down the hill and pushing others off their hard earned wheel. I spotted Pat Drapac in about 5th, he's been featuring in the results with his brother Damo... wait, where is Damo? Coming through for the bell I soon spotted Damo on the left, he had spotted Patty, and just like that I had a free ride up the inside into the top few riders. I slotted in around 6th and mentally prepared myself. This was it, time to see how the sprint really feels at Kew.

I tipped into the corner, behind slipping tyres and carbon on tarmac rang out, I paused for half a moment at the exit while I processed the sound, and Patty got a free metre or two on me. I unleashed my legs, drawing back up towards the two Pat's Veg clad riders, but beyond them I could see the podium spots were covered by others. I pushed on to the line, crossing on their wheels. An envelope is going to have to wait until after I get back from Canada.

So my best results so far this year have been a 5th at SKCC and a 6th at HCC, both have come with some good power numbers. For instance tonight I put out my best end of race 1s effort (1,698W), and held on to most of that for 5 seconds (1,669W), almost matching the PB (1,686W) I set last year at the sprint eliminator. That's pretty awesome, the eliminator was on fresh legs, tonight I not only had 35 minutes of hard racing behind me, but last nights hard racing too. Oh well, time to move on, power numbers are great and all, but the numbers that truly matter are on envelopes, and on that front I'm a DNF.

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D: 47.3km
A: 481m

PMPW: 94kg

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