Wednesday, 6 November 2013



D: 5.2km
A: 62m

HCC Crit:
My legs were still tender from yesterday as I lined up to register, this worried me. The standard stuff, this crit is hard enough when fresh, will me legs be able to go? Will my heart and lungs be able to deliver oxygen? Can I hang on to the end? Can I be of use to Bing?

Oh yeah, then there was the fear about the fitness of the bunch. Having Bing turn up was both awesone, and scary. On one hands he's a mate and team mate, on the other the boy is a freak on a bike with a penchant for making things painful on hills.

I dont remember when I stopped worrying, probably on the first lap, because I'd promised Bing I'd be aggressive early to give him a sit and let him assess who he was racing against. The first few laps I sat in, others were pinging off the front, and yet more dudes were chasing them down. I ended up covering 2 reasonable moves, kicking hard enough to make those on my wheel hurt, but not drop them.

I like the way that riders up the road stop pedalling when they see the bunch coming hard at their wheels. My job wasn't to get clear, it was to ensure no one else did. That said, I would like to get to the fitness point where I can attack hard enough to get clear, and still have something left to settle into a tempo, rather than attack and explode.

Some time after the sprint Bing skipped clear with Alby and I got to sit in the bunch and watch as dudes killed themselves trying to get across in ones and twos only to be chased down or explode in limbo. I set myself for the bunch kick for 6th, coming into the bottom corner in 2nd... only to have my chain derail off the big ring as I kicked hard out of the corner. Oh well, the sprint was for giggles, they pay first 4, so it's not like I had a chance at anything other than a final statement of where my fitness is.

Strava link.

D: 54.5km
A: 535m

PMPW: 96kg

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