Saturday, 2 November 2013


Hell Ride:
It was a fairly decent sized bunch, I dunno, maybe 60-70 riders, so I endeavoured to keep myself forward. I rolled a few turns, I sat in for a bit, and I helped chase down a break of 6-8 guys that was getting some slack off the front. Granted a set of lights did most of the work there, but my legs still hurt for a bit, so it's going on my list.

The main aim was to hit the hills, see what the Kew crits and more rest has done to my legs. The short of it is good things. I was well back hitting the bottom, and despite being fairly vocal about what I wanted other riders to do (get out of my way), I had to stall my pedalling a couple of times before I finally got a clear run to chase down everyone. I do mean everyone. Over the top, the false flat bit I caught the two that had scarpered, rolling over them to draw out the bunch for as long as possible. I felt it was important to ensure everyone got some quality training in. I'm a giver you see.

From there through to Mt Eliza I sat pretty a dozen or so riders back, covering dropped wheels and getting ready to hit out to the final crest past Canadian Bay. I doubted I was going to take the win, I wasn't cruising easy, but I was excited to be having a crack rather than being unceremoniously spat like a few times ago.

On the way home, I once again kept forward before trying to set up some mates for the bunch kick. I had to cover a move a bit earlier than I'd hoped, and during the moment where I caught them and hesitated to decide what next to do, Gerro unleashed and showed me the true difference between a club a grader and an elite athlete.

Strava link.

D: 108.1km
A: 398m

DDCX - Spooky Cross:
I finished with a bunch of 3rds and a 1st, in what is fundamentally racing where results don't matter. I suppose the fact that I know these places says a lot about me.

The course was contained completely within the Brunswick velodrome,  but due to more tight turns than you could poke bunting at, each lap still took around 3 minutes.

Leading into the 3rd race of the day, I'd just got a burger and some chips from a food van, when someone asked if the race about to start was mine. It was, so I rolled down with most of a hamburger left to be scoffed on the start line. I got it in in time to take the holeshot, then have 3 laps of fun racing against Brett Kellett. I think it took about 4 corners before concern over winning overtook the concern about vomiting. Thankfully I succeeded on both counts, unleashing the legs out of the last grass corner and onto the velo for the dash to the line.

Strava link.

D: 38.4km
A: 244m

PMPW: 93kg

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