Saturday, 16 November 2013


Hell Ride:
I was surprised how easy the pace was on the way down. It was probably the southerly we were heading into, but I never stuck my nose out far enough to find out for sure. I hit the front once to close a split caused by a red light, but otherwise I followed wheels and enjoyed a gorgeous morning after a week of rain. As we approached Frankston I started to worry that I'd been to passive, and that my legs would refuse to cooperate when we hit Olivers and I chased riders.

Worry melted as we hit the incline, I slipped past everyone and made my way over to the two individuals who'd scooted clear. Making contact on the false flat, I rolled straight through and kept the power on, intent on making the bunch chase for as long as possible. One of the guys took a quick sit then came through to get us down the other side, but it was not to be, we got caught near the bottom of the second roller. Duggan says he did the job, but I'm not convinced a northsider could achieve such a feat, and so assume he was relaying a story from someone else.

The pace home was pretty solid, a tail wind and a group of enthusiastic blokes meant we averaged over 47km/h from Frankston back to Mordi. Will Walker hit it hard just before Rickets creating a gap on and a panic in the bunch. I trusted that others would control the gap, and searched for a good wheel, eventually finding myself behind a couple of the Croydon trackies. Sadly I let myself be distracted by some shenanigans as we came round the corner and out of the dip. I was jolted out of my complacence by Jez Hunt blitzing past with Rico in tow, that spelt the end for my chances, so I rolled it in with soft pedals.

Strava link.

D: 101.2km
A: 430m

Vareel needed some people to stand around so he could test some new camera kit (I assume either a new strobe or umbrella). So I rolled myself up to rush and flexed the latter part of my rider slash model job title.

I hope he's good with photoshop.

D: 10.7km
A: 60m

PMPW: 95kg

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