Wednesday, 13 November 2013



D: 6.9km
A: 37m

I convinced Bones to do an ergo session given that HCC Crits were cancelled. He was set for a bunch of 4 minute efforts, I did a modified version of what I did last time. I set all my target power numbers at 85% of my 6 week max instead of the 80% of last time. I also dropped the 2min and 30sec efforts in favour of multiple 10sec efforts with minimal recovery.

1 x 5 min E1
1 x 7 sec BGSS : 2min
1 x 7 sec HCLR : 3min
1 x 5min E1
1 x 10 min @ 362W
1 x 5min E1
1 x 5 min @ 377W
1 x 5min E1
1 x 1 min @ 626W
1 x 4min E1
1 x 10 sec @ 1,094W
1 x 50sec E1
1 x 10 sec @ 1,094W
1 x 50sec E1
1 x 10 sec @ 1,094W
1 x 5min E1

I hit all my numbers bar the 362W I had for the 10 minute interval. I achieved 355W, a case of my mind wandering a bit and thus not keeping the legs on task.

As predicted, the sprint efforts left me a bit nauseous, but I'm happy I was able to hit 1,182W, 1,101W, and 1,159W average respectively, with the first effort maxing out at 1,488W.

Strava link.


PMPW: 95kg

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