Tuesday, 12 November 2013


TKM Full Noize:
I had heard that the TKM boys roll south easy, and north hard. I underestimated both levels of intensity. Well, maybe not the way south. Sitting in was a piece of pie, but hitting the front and pushing the southerly out of the way for everyone else took some going.

There was a little speech at Mordi, and a decision that the right hand line of riders would do 58.6km/h. The latter sounded like a joke, but it wasn't, we totally rolled up to 58-59 klicks then held that steady until we hit the hills.

Me? I pulled the first few rounds of turns, then sat in, then drifted back slightly, then lost the wheel, then got back on due to lights, then drifted back again, then covered a gap, then created my own gap, then created a blog post written like a 4th grader's "what did you do on the holidays" homework.

Thought wasn't really an option for me after those first few turns. Any mental energy I had was put towards trying to be smooth and efficient to help holding the wheel. Eventually though, it was just all too much and through the golden mile I blew off the back of the still storming bunch.

Two rides along beach road, and two DNFs. It makes me want to slink back to North road so I can feel strong again, but really the behaviour should be to ride more with these two groups to get some really high speed work, and improve rather than stagnate.

Strava link.

D: 51.6km
A: 213m


D: 24.9km
A: 179m

Brunswick Tuesday Track:
Tomorrow doesn't look promising for racing, the forecast rain will likely wash out the crit, and leave me down a session this week. So a plan was hatched to do track tonight as a just in case. I think that was half the problem I had mentally, I was just there to get some riding done, not to punish myself and it showed.

I got boxed in at the end of the scratch race, meaning I had no chance of the sprint and thus just sat up with 200m to go.

I had on a big gear for the Win and out / Elimination race, because I thought we were getting a keirin. So I went to the front and wound up the pace for everyone else, trying to see if I could do the full 8 laps on the front... only to realise that I had needlessly held back, due to it being 4 laps to the Win and out sprint.

In the motorpace I felt alright, ending up in 3rd wheel when the bike pulled off, but I didn't have any legs left to go with DK to the sprint. In a sense, though I had the least chance of making a mark on this race, it was the one I did best in, because it's the one I reached a physical limit. It would have been better if I beat my head against that limit, tried to push it out a bit, but it was late and I was tired.

Strava link.

D: 34.7km
A: 51m

PMPW: 95kg

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