Sunday, 6 October 2013


SKCC E-Grade Marshalling & A-Grade:
Holy googamooga, there were a lot of people in for E-grade today. Thankfully we had a handful of happy Rush folk along for the ride. My job was to sit at the front, tell people to roll through and yell "PEDALS UP!!!" each corner. It was a little harder than expected, trying to find that balance of communication that was clear, supportive and non condescending.

The race itself felt good, I was stuffed to the eyeballs with caffeine (3 coffees and two double caffeine gels), was on race wheels and was feeling super confident in my ability to corner better than most of the bunch, thus saving myself some energy in the process.

Early on it looked like nothing was going to get up the road, so I drifted to the back to veg out and wait for a bunch gallop. I didn't think I'd be able to get over Shannon Johnson in a dash to the line, but given the right wheel I was keen to try anyway.

20 or so before the end some words piqued my interest, a break was up the road. I hadn't seen them go, but there was no point me having a sprint banked up if there was no sprint on offing. I rolled to the front, to find pretty much the entire Rush contingent camped within the first 10 wheels.

I found Bing and asked "Do I need to chase that break down?"

He laughed, DK was in the move, an all the boys were doing was ensuring that anyone trying to bridge across would be taking one of us to bolster Rush's numbers in the break and boost Dave's chances. I stuck around and helped to cover a couple of moves, but when the bunch swamped me, I didn't resist.

My interest was only re-ignited in the final few laps, Bike Bug put a train on the front, and I felt like being a spoil sport and chasing them all down. As I moved up the side of the bunch I heard a familiar voice behind me telling me they were on. At the time I thought it was Skinny, but it turned out to be James Dunn, and his video camera was recording my pink clad arse. It was all a bit of fun, and I wish I'd gone outside the riders (as James did) into that final corner, but when their last leadout man went right, I didn't think I had room to do so and had to baulk a little bit.

Strava link.

D: 101.7km
A: 110m

PMPW: 95kg

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