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St Kilda East - Albert Park Lake - Albert Park Lake - Albert Park Lake - St Kilda East:
The aim for the session was to get my legs moving freely, so I tried to keep my gearing low and pedal stroke smooth. This didn't leave much mental capacity to think of another way to describe what I wanted to achieve to the 57,423 other times I've talked about pedalling smoothly.

I did succeed though, spending a fair chunk of time with triple figure revs on the clock and getting a light sweat up. I'm finding the 100rpm mark to be pretty important, firstly because it's longer than two digit numbers, and secondly it's the base level for racing on the flat. If I can hit it in training when there isn't a constant drip feed of adrenalin (and caffeine) coursing through me, then I can certainly do it when there is.

Strava link.

D: 22.2km
A: 50m


D: 4.7km
A: 129m

HCC Crits:
A friend showed me this blog post tonight, and it strikes a point fairly clearly. Cherry picking, what it is, why its terrible.

To put it into context, HCC crit scares the crap out of me, it's not ideal for a big fella, but I see it as holding the potential for massive improvement because of that fact. There are days when the fear of hard things overwhelm me, hell I took a 4 year hiatus from racing at Kew, but that's not the way to excellence. Sucking it up and getting on with doing what you aren't good at is.

So, the race. Well... it hurt like a bastard, but I rode better than last time, and that combined with some confidence from Sunday saw me achieve something I thought would take quite a few more tries. I finished the race.

I started towards the front, working for the first dozen or so laps to ensure nothing got away, while ensuring I pushed as little air as possible. The former was because I wanted to ensure DK had a chance to sit in for a bit and save his legs for shenanigans later in the race. The latter was because I wanted to last longer than last week's 20 minutes.

After I slipped back down the pack a bit, I made a fairly conscious decision to not look at my Power and HR numbers, that instead I would just shut up and do what it took to get up that bloody hill. To me, the pace was pretty hot, lap after lap guys would attack up the hill, trying to ride off the front, and be chased down by others. Once the mid race sprint came and passed, things eased a little, and I came to realise my breathing sounded like a retarded donkey in heat. I assume it's because of the way my diaphragm was being hammered by my thighs up the hill, then crushed by them as I tried to recover while cornering down the back of the course.

Each lap I'd lose a wheel or two out of the corner. I don't think I corner worse than anyone, but I think my mass means I lose more speed on the uphill exit. The flip side is, each lap I grew in confidence in my ability to cover that gap, and to ride past a significant number of guys up the hill. So when C grade pulled off the course, and then again when 3 laps to go was called, I got a mental boost that I was going to finish... and possibly... possibly... be able to have a crack at the sprint.

I didn't, I came in a bit poorly placed, something a race or two more will help me understand where I need to be and how to achieve it, but still finished off the race hard to pick up 11thish, right on DKs wheel.

I'm stoked, completely jiggered, but stoked.

The GPS tells me my normalised power was 478W,

Strava link.

D: 56.3km
A: 590m

PMPW: 94kg

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