Sunday, 27 October 2013


I got up early and rolled my tired legs to the SKCC crits, corner marshal duty meant I was staring at a day of not riding, but given how beat I felt, it wasn't such a bad thing.

Then the crits were called off due to a couple of large metal plates after corner 3 and my day was thrown wide open.

D: 8.2km
A: 23m

St Kilda East - CCCC Crits - St Kilda East:
DK, who had rolled up to SKCC to marshal E-grade took the cancellation as reason to go race Glenvale instead, and I figured agreed to go along. We weren't the only St Kilda A-grade regulars to make the trip either, the start line was swollen with many familiar faces.

From the start the pace was pretty frantic. The first move was an attack, then after that it was nothing but counter attacks. I know that sounds like a stupid truism, but bear with me. There was no let up, no time that the bunch sat around for a while and thought about life, the second a move was neutralised, someone else had a crack to see if they could get one to stick.

My legs were heavy, but I'd given them a fair warm up and they were holding on ok. Actually, they felt alright, goodish even, so about 10 minutes in when I saw 3 or 4 guys getting a bit of a gap established, and one of those blokes was the ever dangerous Duncan Smith, I launched hard into the void. A lap later I was across with a couple of others who'd managed to make my wheel. I was drilled, but others were making the pace, so I sat on the back and tried to recover enough to be of use. A few laps later, my eyes starting to come uncrossed and the thought of rolling through entering my mind, I glanced back to see the bunch barrelling back towards us, then the counter attack being launched.

I slipped back into the fold, happy I'd helped give my team mates a free ride for a while, happy to get a chance to rest myself. I kept an eye out for my boys, DK was easy to spot, the bright pink skinsuit standing out in the sea of colours like a bright pink Total Rush skinsuit. He was riding aggressively, hitting the bunch hard each time he saw a chance to put his stamp on the race. Tozer wasn't quite as garish, but his presence at the front was constant. Mere moments after he'd chase something down or be brought back himself, drifting back a little to let the fire subside in his legs, he would be back at it again, making sure nothing that didn't contain a pink arse got any leash.

Time ticked by, C-grade was passed a few times, sprinted, and then rolled off the course, leaving the course open for what looked to be an inevitable bunch gallop. I figured I'd give this whole sprinting caper a go, so I started to get my elbows out and to look for good wheels. In the end I wasn't well positioned, leaving myself no clear or even semi obstructed path to the line.

I'd be hard pressed to be too disappointed though, I didn't expect to race today at all, I didn't expect my legs to be any good, and I've wiped away the pain of DNFing there from 6 months ago.

Strava link.

D: 100.2km
A: 543m

PMPW: 95kg

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