Friday, 25 October 2013


NRR (TTT pacing):
I have been feeling so lazy this week, part of the CBFs has been the motivation void left by the passing of the Warny, partially because the weather has been a bit poo. So to combat this lazy feeling I got up and rolled down to get a bit of Friday Northy action.

When the TT boys kicked off around Southland I went with them, sitting behind a train of guys chopping off track turns, offering the occasional hand of god when they blew themselves apart on the return leg.

I had made a minor variation to my bike set-up, moving my saddle forward and up to give me a better (more comfortable and powerful) position in the drops for crits, so I spent most of the ride thinking about that change rather than what was going on in the ride around me.

Strava link.

D: 47.3km
A: 165m


D: 9.9km
A: 58m

PMPW: 97kg

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