Sunday, 20 October 2013


The shop provided riders, myself included, to help run a ride for the folks at, and friends of, AMG in Berwick. Geared up with a bunch of food in my back pockets and a radio piece in my ear, I set of down to Blairgowrie with DK, Deano, Ash, Tozer and about 50 black clad AMG riders. The tailwind and two Rush riders on the front ensured that we covered the kms to breakfast at a decent clip, I pulled one long turn with DK on the front, but mostly ran sweeper on the back to help keep riders that started to struggle in contact with the bunch. The radio was a godsend for that, splits caused by lights or bunch shattering on hills could be quickly communicated to the engines on the front. They also came in handy for jokes and general shit talk.

The way back was a bit tougher, for a start I had a massive case of cafe legs, then I got a flat a few kms into the leg, meaning I was faced with a good 3-4 minute gap to chase down to get back on. Thankfully the bunch was taking it easyish, but for a long time, until I hit radio range again, I had to battle my mental daemons to keep the legs going over. Once into the hills between Mt Martha and Frankston the challenge to keep riders in contact became a lot greater. 400-600W up a hill with your hand in someone's back isn't sustainable, so we started to let riders drift back to be picked up by later groups. In the end, we finished with 12 tired but happy riders, and got to see the spent but excited faces of all the Rush and AMG crew as they rolled in for a much deserved beer.

It was a fun day, mostly because I got to help others push their limits mentally and physically, then have a chat and a laugh about it afterwards. I guess it didn't harm my enjoyment to have others treat me as special because I can turn a pedal faster than them.

Talking of special, DK only pulled one turn today. It was 170km long.

Strava link.

D: 182.0km
A: 943m

PMPW: 94kg

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