Saturday, 19 October 2013


CCC Crit:
Today I raced a crit who's club acronym is quite similar to Caulfield Carnegie's Cycling Club (CCCC), the Coburg Cycling Club (CCC). The similarities continued on beyond the acronyms too. Flattish courses, in industrial estates that takes a while to ride to, also they both attract strong riders.

I didn't have too much of a plan, I barely knew any riders and it was hard to tell how the slight uphill/headwind up the back straight, and downhill/tailwind down the front straight would play out. I decided to get feisty anyway.

We had a neutral half lap to start, I was on the front chatting to another rider, hit the start of the race proper, and made a snap decision to try and go off the front. I gave it some leg up the back straight, but decided to swing off when I felt other riders on my wheel. I figured the bunch was on for the free ride and I was wasting my time, so it was a surprise when there were only two guys, and I had to re-kick to get back on their wheels to continue what I started.

A few laps of that and more people came across, giving us a strong group of 25 or so. 25 or so is obviously a decent sized number, more than many wanted to take to the end of the race, so attacks kept coming for a while ensuring that those that hadn't come across were distanced and effectively eliminated from the race.

With DK in the bunch, I tried to keep active to save him some energy, but when eventually he hammered off the front to bridge to two other riders and set up the winning move, I got rewarded by the ability to just sit in and let others try to shut down the gap.

I got to watch the final two up sprint between Dave and a Target Trek rider, after they we got pulled when they lapped the field.

Strava link.

D: 113.1km
A: 615m

PMPW: 95kg

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