Saturday, 12 October 2013


Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic:
Yesterday I made a little mocka for my stem. I kept it simple, feed zones, the big hills of Camperdown and finally the 4 or 5 South heading roads. The roads were there because that's where the cross winds always are... well, where they had been every other year I'd played the Warny game. Not this year.

In the hours after the race, one word was used more than any other to describe the race. Brutal. The nice still morning developed into a warm day with a leg destroying south westerly wind. On top of that add in some very enthusiastic NRS teams... and yeah.... brutal.

I pulled the pin at Lismore. I'd spent the first few hours trying to work out if sitting in the gutter for the long cross wind sections was using up more energy than it would take for me to get to the front and avoid the gutter. I figured cheap places were ok, but I wasn't going to fight with semi-pros for wheels, so grovelled with everyone else centimetres from the broken left edge of the road.

At some point, I'm not sure exactly where as I'd been staring at wheels for some time, a crash happened in front of me. Two guys got tangled and went down. I was already on my mental and physical limit trying to hold the wheel, so when the crash forced me to the far right of the road, and I got a moment to look at the multiple echelons forming on the exposed stretch of tarmac... well my brain called it quits. I found a small bunch or two and rolled into the moisture sucking wind until Lismore then piled myself into the car.

Once I was convinced I wouldn't see the sprint I lost motivation. My cadence went from 110rpm down to 65-75, which only added to the feeling that I was riding through molasses.

From the accounts of those that finished, it came back together a little bit after that, but blew apart again... and came back together... and blew apart... brutal.

To those that got themselves to the end of the race, with or without sight of the winners, I doff my hat to you.

Right now I don't want to even think about the prospect of doing this race again. I'm not angry, just disappointed.

Strava link.

D: 151.3km
A: 885m

PMPW: 95kg

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