Friday, 6 September 2013


Yarra Trails & Commute:
A quick pre-work foray for a bit o'dirt. Greasy, rutted, rooty, sometimes washed away dirt around Studly Park, then the gentle humming sound of knobbies on tarmac.

Almost at work, post coffee stop, I could hear some honking behind me. It didn't sound like it was aimed at me until the honker passed and made sure of the fact. The driver was circling his ear with his finger to let me know I was crazy. As far as I knew I'd been a very well behaved road user, so I caught up to him at some lights and asked what was going on. It was then I was informed that he was concerned I didnt have control of my bike because I was sometimes riding without hands and drinking a coffee. He, on the other hand, was driving a ton of steel while smoking a cigarette. I leave you to spot the irony yourself.

D: 25.5km
A: 289m

PMPW: 97kg


Ash Thomas said...

he's baaaaaaack!

neil said...

Back is a bit strong. I'm flirting with dirt, but not ready to commit to blackberry lacerations just yet.

Steve Caddy said...

That's quite a pretty bike.