Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hell Ride - Yarra Boulevard - Yarra boulevard - St Kilda East:
In hindsight I went into today with the wrong attitude and a nice backlog of fatigue.

I expected the shit weather (huge crossies and the threat of rain) would keep a lot of riders away... and everyone that did turn up would be happy for some two up action. The first part was right, the second, not so much.

On the cross tail assisted journey south DK got bored and went off the front. The next 40 or so Km, the bunch chased pretty hard, leaving anyone not pulling a turn strung out in the gutter contemplating the best way to get teeth marks out of top caps. I was in that latter group of people, the ones re-assessing life goals.

When we got to Frankston, DK still up the road, I pushed forward so I could get over Olivers cleanly. Matt Boys and a few others kicked clear, and I worked to minimise the damage upto and along the false flat top. When we hit the next hill Jeremy Cameron hit the front and proceeded to squeeze the pace up and over my abilities. Halfway up the climb up to Canadian Bay I dropped the wheel in front of me, only making it around Mt Eliza because of the lights at Mt Eliza Way.

With all that enthusiasm on the trip down, I was certain that everyone would go two up for the way home. It was only logical... but also incorrect. DK sat on the front for most of the trip, dragging the bunch into the head cross, a tail of blokes wagging behind his massive quads. I kept myself in the initial echelon so I didn't have to worry about the centre line, and on the one time I got swarmed at some lights, I simply rode up the outside, pulled a 30 second turn then drifted back to slot myself in a few riders from the front.

On the way to 2nd breakfast and 2nd/3rd coffee DK stated we were going to the Yarra Boulevard to get up some Kms and some vertical. I was not enthused, but after being effectively called soft by a triathlete we passed, I was committed. In the end it wasn't too bad, I was able to distance the big boy on our trips up Yarra St, which is always nice for the confidence.

Strava link.

D: 149.1km
A: 1,426m

PMPW: 96kg

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