Saturday, 21 September 2013


Midlands Tour:
I was pretty nervous about this race, and in hindsight for very good reasons. There were some bloody strong riders, and the 2nd course (the circuit changes halfway through the race) had a hill that deserved respect.

I sat in for most of the first half, working for position in case any of the teams really light it up in the breeze, keeping DK near the front and occasionally trying to flick him clear.Eventually, I think it was on his 7th or 8th attempt, DK got up the road with Nick Squillari, and the bunch settled a little and set about a steady tempo to limit the losses to the two TT boys off the front. I rested my legs, knowing that soon enough we'd be detoured onto the longer course, the 6km one with a 2km of climb, a km of dirt and a k, maybe a k and a half of block headwind.

The first time up the climb I was in trouble, dangling off the back as we hit the dirt, and only getting back on halway up the start finish straight after chopping off with one of the Skoda boys. The next time up I had a bit better position, and the pace was a fraction easier. It was well above my threshold, but I got it done and started to think maybe I'd make 5 or 6 laps (out of 10). Incorrect, the 3rd lap, while pushing over 500W I was in the usual world of hurt... and then the pace surged again. Put another way, there were gents not happy with the 28km/h we were doing up a 5% ramp and wanted to go faster. Freaaaaks!

Between the point where I pulled the chute and the finish line I had a little think about my day and decided that pulling out was a bullshit idea. DFL is better than DNF and all the jazz. The climb was a solid little number, and I figured I had paid money for the right to ride it, so I was going to ride it as often as I could.

Strava link.

D: 85.1km
A: 887m

PMPW: 95kg

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