Monday, 2 September 2013


The Mountain Bike World Champs finished up in South Africa overnight, and adopted Melbourne boy Paulie Van Der Ploeg came away with rainbow stripes in the Cross Country Eliminator. It's put me on a high that matches how I felt about Cadel riding into Paris in yellow a few years ago.

Maybe it's an extension of rediscovering how fun dirt could be, maybe it's that I've trained and raced with Paulie before, maybe it's confirmation that Aussies aren't just good roadies and trackies, that they can ride the dirt too (our downhillers have done alright for a while, but xc has only really shown it's head again recently with Bec, Dan, and now PVDP racking up results this year).

Whatever the reason I'm at unreasonable levels of stoked today, you should watch the finals here (all heats and finals here), and ask the big man to sign your (man) boobs next time you see him.

D: 30.0km
A: 255m

PMPW: 95kg

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