Saturday, 14 September 2013


Hell Ride:
I wanted to get a few hours in the saddle and a decent kms total. I wanted to check my fitness against a well known circuit and to put a lot of coffee in my face. I wanted a ride I could smack turns or hide and save myself. In other words, I was keen to do the Hell Ride.

I rolled early, ensuring I was up the front while we had a marked and unmarked police bike escort. The unmarked bike was pretty cool, I've never seen one before. Anyway, cool or not, they make the bunch (and me) edgy and I don't like hanging around edgy riders.

As things settled down past Patto river, I turned my thoughts to what I wanted to do. I thought it might be nice to try and bolt up Oliver's the way I was late last year. When it came time to ride the pinch I found myself swamped, so took a sit. That was pretty much my lot for the hills loop, I sat on wheels, closing gaps in front of me over the next two rises and generally felt comfortable even though I was at or above threshold.

The sitting in continued on the way home too, our policemen mates didn't rejoin us so I kept myself comfortable in the top 30 riders. As these things go, my mind tends to drift and fantasise when I'm out of the wind... "I might go for the sprint" I thought to myself. So I did, working for possition from Mordi onwards, doing my best to read the flow of riders around me and find the perfect wheel that would deliver me to the line. I was perched on Forbsey's wheel, waiting for him to unleash, getting super nervous, when I realised he wasn't kicking. So I ran into the little gap I'd left and flew out into the wind. Booney was clear off the front, but with gritted teeth, I was able to close the gap and easily pass him, rolling through for a clear victory to the sign.

I'll take a win, even in a less than full strength bunch.The power numbers were good too, a nice 1573W kick and only a slow deterioration until I shut it down at 45 seconds.

Strava link.

D: 95.3km
A: 389m

PMPW: 97kg

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