Saturday, 17 August 2013


Hell Ride - Arthurs Seat - Arthurs Seat - Mornington - St Kilda East:
There were four challenges to this ride, staying up front of the Hell Ride, an ascent Arthurs Seat, a strength effort of Arthurs Seat, and the ride home. Honestly, the ride home was probably the hardest. That northerly just didn't quit, but thankfully neither did the jokes from my companions, DK, Wilko, Lach and Sam.

The Hell Ride is the Hell Ride, it's a useful training ride or high speed transport to get down the peninsula early on a Saturday. We had the same sort of police presence as last week, which meant being at the front was again key.

My first ascent of the seat was 4 seconds slower than a few weeks back, but there was a 2W better average power at the same body weights. Sampling error or wind... you decide. The next ascent was done with a much lower cadence, dropping down around 60-70rpm rather than the 90-100 I prefer for climbing. It felt ok and only added 14 seconds, last time down here the second ascent was over a minute slower. Anyway, what all that is meant to say is that I went up twice in the box, and set reasonable times.

It's at this point that I'd normally consider the ride done, well the crux of it, and start mentally checking out, you know... thinking about tomorrow's ride, or the afternoon's football game... oh yeah and food. Today was a bit different, by the time got back to Mornington, despite riding two up, two coffees, some turkish delight and some salami were required. Yes, required.

The slog, then continued through to home, where I took my little GPS unit, uploaded my data to Strava and was both surprised and unsurprised to find that the training stress score (suffer score) for the day was one of the highest I've recorded (228, 4th).

Strava link.

D: 176.9km
A: 1,828m

SKCC Track @ DISC:

1 x 35 lap warmup
1 x Flying 100
4 x Keirins (6 laps)

175km in the elements wasn't enough... we'll to be more accurate, it wasn't enough to make a session at the track under the tutelage of Shane Kelly unappealing.

The group standing around listening to Shane give advice on how to intimidate other riders by "sitting on their handlebars" and how to do so, was at best mixed. Each drill that followed was essentially a mini race where experimenting with tactics, positioning and handlebar sitting was actively encouraged. I blame the morning's antics on how long it took me to stop trying to win, and start trying to learn, but the last drill was awesome.

For the first time I managed to double or triple kick under an attacking rider (DK) to maintain control of the sprinters lane and force them them up the track and thus the long way to the line.

The desire to race kilos and keirins is still there inside me, it's not the biggest fire of desire I've got, but should things line up right, I'd like to do the Vic titles again.

D: 30.6km
A: 51m

PMPW: 98kg

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