Wednesday, 14 August 2013


NRR Long:
The pace stayed pretty steady all the way through to the turn from the highway into Canadian Bay Road. The Nor Westerly had got us down in decent time, but I think the thought that the weather might turn even more horrendous at any moment was keeping a damper on affairs.

Anyway, the 15% kick at the bottom of Canadian did what it always does, forces action. A couple of boys flicked off the front without huge response from the bunch, sitting in 4th or 5th wheel I felt ok, you know what it's like, you figure the pace is soft... so you do something dumb. So yeah, I did something dumb, or genius, or dumb... I pulled out and rode myself to the front of the bunch and set the tempo. I caught the first of the riders quickly, he'd obviously been charged with giving his mate the benefit of his effort, the second catch came around the start of the false flat... so I kept pushing. Well... pushing is probably a stretch, I went from 600W+ to 250-300, but any pressure on the pedals feels huge for me there. I hit the last pinch at the front and only had a couple of guys come off my wheel and around me.

On the descent I took drafts, and checked the damage that I'd wrought (7 or 8 riders had made the selection). I had no idea who of those 7 or 8 had had to push air to make it and who hadn't, realising thinking of others is pointless, I went back to thinking about myself (I look handsome today). Into the bottom of Two Bays, Joel Strachan worked the front early before swinging off to expose me to the wind. I set myself to try and hold a steady effort, the numbers tell me that was around 530W, but the pitch changes and a headwind that was gusting meant I never felt settled. At some point Bensley and a couple of others attacked around me, leaving me to battle my way to the roundabout with only the sound of my ragged breath for company.

The trip home was solid, a long two up turn with Tim McGrath, then later on, turns with a small group of willing fellows.
Strava link.

D: 94.5km
A: 544m

I took a Strava KOM recently, Dawns had the girl version, and I thought it cute to have a segment where we had both titles. Well... it seems that last night the bloke I took it off, took it back off of me.

A cute relationship gesture may have now turned to war. Who does this bloke think he is? That was mine, or ours, or mine, or something.

Practically, I'm fairly sure I can best his time as I shut down the legs early to set my previous time... but maybe I should crack out the race wheels.... or the disk to make a statement of intent.

I hear some guys buy their girlfriends flowers to show their affection. Weirdos.

D: 10.9km
A: 78m

PMPW: 98kg

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