Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hell Ride:
I hoped the wild wind and potential for rain would keep the lower levels of cyclists at home in bed, thinking back now, that seems a bit arrogant. At the time I just wanted a clean ride with limited stress over the abilities of others.

I kept myself at the front, which meant I was surrounded by decent legs. The way down the pace was a tail wind assisted 50-55km/h, on the way back the northerly kept us to around 35-40.

I decided to hold back a bit on Olivers to ensure I had enough for the last roller up to Canadian Bay rd. I sat in the bunch, looking at a few riders going clear, my brain freaking out, my legs wanting to be used, and I practised patience. The bunch came back together and I moved up over the next climb, rolling to the front as we started the decent to the Baden Powel Junction. As I started into the rise I glanced back and noted the bunch had given me a few bike lengths, so I set my hands on the bars and started to tap out a pace. Interested to see how well I could hold off the whole bunch. Pretty well, a few riders flicked across and raced clear towards the top, but I held true to my limits and finished in the half dozen riders.

From there back to Mordi I rolled turns, amused by the 60kg guys struggling as I just tapped out the pace. After that I sat in a bit, waiting to launch the sprinters, the first plan was to flick Forbesy off my wheel, then Jez slotted himself in between us, so I knew I could go earlier and not have to fight for position out of the corner. As soon as the road straightened and I stepped out and went past the couple of riders I'd left on the front. It felt great, hammering into that headwind, with a few hundred to go I swung to the gutter and watched all bar Jez and Ray come through. A mechanical had crippled Ray... oh well, I got my effort done.

Strava link.

D: 100.1km
A: 460m

PMPW: 98kg

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