Wednesday, 31 July 2013


NRR Long:
I was nervous about how my legs would back up for the hills 12 hours after a trainer session. In the words of the internet, everything went better than expected.

Turning into Canadian Bay Rd I looked back to find that the bunch had shattered, I was around 8th wheel, and no one was behind me. The damage hadn't been done on the highway, so I assume it was the accelerations on the roundabout climb of Baden Powel that had shaken people loose. Anyway, it meant there was no option to drift back through riders up the climb, if I wanted to be with the ride on Two Bays, I had to ensure I was with it up Canadian. It took some hurting, a few times having to ride around guys that lost wheels or just plain blew, but I reached the false flat on the back of a small group.

Into Two Bays I found myself in 2nd wheel as Allan Iacuane's tapped out a pace on the front. His tempo felt easy, but I stuck on the wheel, figuring I could smash it home near the top. That wasn't to be, the few increases in gradient were not matched with a decrease in pace. Beat by beat I reached and passed threshold levels. Pedal stroke by pedal stroke it got harder to hold the wheel. It was around where the house numbers kick in that I couldn't hold on any longer and had to set my own pace. Using Jaimie Nightingale (who popped shortly after me) as a rabbit to chase.

My times for both climbs pretty much match last week, and this time I've got additional load in my legs. I feel like I'm not far off holding the pace to the top of two bays, perhaps in a few weeks after I finish this block of weights.

The roll home was civilised, some two up, some rolling turns, and a solid tempo effort to bridge back up when we got split by lights.

Strava link.

D: 95.3km
A: 555m


D: 23.8km
A: 115m

PMPW: 97kg

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